Ax Faction Go For a Close Look At Their Painted Feral Lass

November 15, 2013 by dracs

Ax Faction have had their new miniature the prehistoric Feral Lass beautifully painted up and are showing her off as much as possible. In fact they are showing off quite a lot of her.

Feral Lass

Feral Lass Mounted

Feral Lass Side

Feral Lass Mounted 2

Feral Lass 3

Now I'm not a great painter, nor am I a particularly good judge, but I think this miniature looks amazing now it's been fully painted. It picks out the great detail of the primal head dress and jewellery, which is good considering that's pretty much all they're wearing. The shading on the flint headed axe is probably my favourite piece of the whole mini.

What would you have changed in painting Ax Faction's miniature?

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