Ax Faction Unleash a New Troll Hunting Femme Fatale

May 31, 2012 by brennon

How many of you have heard of Ax Faction? I would warrant many of you have not, but they have some pretty awesome looking 32mm models in their steadily expanding range. Check out their newest concept for Jötnar's Bane: Troll Hunter...

Jötnar's Bane - Troll Hunter

Now that's one powerful woman warrior to bring down a troll that massive. Some pretty ace artwork that hopefully should translate well into the actual miniature. If you want to see exactly what some of their work is like, check out these...

Gilded Saint - Dragon Hunter Art

Gilded Saint - Dragon Hunter

Victorian Darling - Kraken Hunter Art

Victorian Darling - Kraken Hunter

As mentioned above these miniatures are 32mm so while slightly tall for conventional games they would make perfect Role-Playing miniatures or indeed for use as a great painting project.

I quite like the artwork for its 'tattoo' style and could see these being firm favourites, sort of reminds me of battle-hardened Soul Calibur fighters. It will be interesting to see what else Ax Faction can come up with in the future.

Also their home page has some awesome music on it!

What do you make of the offerings from Ax Faction?

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