Ax Faction’s Latest Mini Bear’s All

September 18, 2012 by dracs

Ax Faction have put up a preview of their latest mini, a lovely lady of the forest riding a ferocious grizzly.

Ax Faction - Forest Guardian and Broadfoot

This is the proud Forest Guardian, sitting atop her bear Broadfoot. It's not an image you might immediately think of when you hear the words Forest Guardian, and puts me in mind of the style of Green mana in Magic the Gathering, where green magic can represent the sheer ferocity of nature.

The sculpt itself is definitely shaping up nicely and looks as if it could make the perfect centre piece for an army. Can you think of any cooler miniature to use as a general in an army of Wood Elves?

Do you guys like seeing this girl bear? I mean, seeing this girl and her bear? That doesn't sound much better does it?

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