Cavalcade Unleash Some ShadowSea Terrors of the Deep

April 25, 2012 by brennon

Cavalcade Wargames are showing off some new metal miniatures for the world of ShadowSea from Antimatter Games. See what you think about these folks below.

Tlactl Headhunter...

Tlactl Headhunter

Black Hook Raider...

Black Hook Raider

Light Raider...

Light Raider

Light Raider Painted

Raider Taskmaster...

Raider Taskmaster

Raider Taskmaster Painted

Certainly a good mix of sea life and the ancient. A nice Atlantean feel to especially the bottom one with the ridged Greek style helm. If you didn't fancy using these for ShadowSea you could always work these into a Chaos Army in Warhammer that's for sure.

What do you make of these models, are they as good as others in the ShadowSea range?

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