Cavalcade’s Ninja Goblins Strike from the Shadows

February 19, 2014 by dracs

Cavalcade Wargames are taking the already naturally sneaky goblins and giving them some ninja training. Be sure to keep an eye on the shadows for these Ninja Goblins.

Ninja Goblins

Ninja Goblin 1

A group of ninja goblins would make a really cool themed encounter in a RPG, or even a good character as part of an adventuring party. Everyone loves ninjas after all.

Ninja Goblin 2

Ninja Goblin 3

Having said that these goblins aren't the greatest of sculpts. Their poses are good and they are easily recognizable as the iconic assassins of feudal Japan. However, there isn't much detail to them. They lack a crisp, clear design and while this might be helped by a good paint job, I couldn't see them becoming pride of place in someone's army.

Still, ninja goblins are very fun idea. What do you guys think of these sculpts?

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