The Cirlea Empire Comes To Avatars Of War…In Spanish

May 14, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War has plenty of sketches for their new army, the Cirlea Empire on the Spanish half of their website. Check out some of the brilliant artwork but if you can read Spanish there is also an army list to download...

Espadachines de Lusia

General Cirleano

Hechicero Imperial

Inquisidores de Rayviel

Tercios de Castria

As you can see they have something of the Spanish about their aesthetic. I love their take on the Inquisitors with almost a cultist vibe to them. That wizard also looks pretty damn awesome.

As I said above, the army list is only available in Spanish at the moment as is the background document. A bit of a shame to be sure but hopefully there will be an English set of rules soon.

What do you think of the sketches?

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