Comfy Chair Games Look to Celtic Myth in Dominion of the Gods

September 26, 2012 by brennon

Comfy Chair Games are doing more previews of their Dominion of the Gods line in the run up to their Kickstarter campaign (yep another one!). This newest preview looks at the Fomorians, giant beasts that the Celtic Gods chased into the ocean!


Some deadly looking beasts that would be quite fun to see in a range of different games. I can't wait to see the miniatures for these as they should be pretty ace. Comfy Chair have done some great work with monsters in the past and I hope this is no different.


They also showed off the concept art for Medusa, one of the Gorgons from Ancient Greek mythology. She's been done in the style of Clash of the Titans here and that should be pretty ace when it comes to the actual model.

Obviously word on the rules is sparse at the moment but we hope to see something about that soon.

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