Crocodile Games Achieve WarGods Kickstarter Success

July 1, 2013 by brennon

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Crocodile Games have finished their WarGods of Olympus Kickstarter with success. They didn't make it all the way around the map but they did pass through the gates of Troy and even visited some Cyclopes!

Hector & Paris

Helen of Troy

First off we have the people of Troy. Of course at the head of things are the Princes Hector and Paris, one of them a stalwart defender of the city and the other a lovesick rogue of a man who spirited away Helen of Troy. Thankfully she was unlocked too as a Kickstarter exclusive.

Corinth Vs Athens

Amazon Cavalry

As well as the Trojans the Athenians are also joining the fight and the Amazons have mounted up for cavalry assaults too. The artwork for this game truly is superb and draws nicely on the historical and the mythological to create a nice blend.


Clockwork Owl

To round things off they unlocked some mighty Cyclopes who will no doubt be herding around the captured survivors of the siege of Troy as they try and make their way back to Greece. Now you need Odysseus to solve that situation!

They even found time to unlock the awesome Clockwork Owl, a reminded of Clash of the Titans. I think that's a perfect little nod to an ace film that explored so many areas of Greek Mythology.

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