Dark Hammer’s Asian Undead Rise from IndieGoGo

November 17, 2013 by dracs

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Dark Hammer Miniatures are seeking to bring the Japanese style undead of their Undead Regiment to lurching life with the help of the mystical powers of IndieGoGo.

Undead Samurai

Undead Samurai Mini

Bloodlust Tyrant

Bloodlust Tyrant

The IndieGoGo features a host of imaginative concepts and miniature designs which Dark Hammer hope to make a reality.

Ghost Chariot

Rockets Special Attack

Fast Attack 1

Fast Attack 2

Fast Attack 3

Special Unit

Lightfoot Regiment 1

Lightfoot Regiment 2

Each of these designs shows a nice level of creative imagination and, if the miniatures get funded and made, they would allow you to create a pretty awesome Undead army for fantasy games. After all, even Warhammer Fantasy has a far east and what's to say the Necromancers of the world haven't tried their hand at magic there?

If you fancy giving these corpses life head to IndieGoGo and pledge your support.

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