The Darkmyre Kickstarter Previews Three Shiny Models

June 11, 2013 by brennon

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JunkRobot is running a Kickstarter Campaign for their Warriors of Darkmyre Obliteration Edition and they have just previewed three of their models which you can see below...

Stag Warrior (Front)

Stag Warrior (Rear)

First up we have the rather brutal looking Stag Warrior who seems to have stolen Cloud Strife's sword. I do like a big cartoon sword for a character despite it's unrealistic nature.

Santana (Front)

Santana (Rear)

Next up is Santana who has come from a more Eastern background it would seem and looks to have adopted the way of the ninja. She certainly has an anime look to her thanks to the way her hair is styled and she's an Elf to boot. What's not to like?

Vamp (Front)

Vamp (Rear)

Last but not least we have Vamp (or Vampire) who has also embraced this Eastern appearance, in this case the Middle East. He has something of the Djin about him but an evil one at that. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alleyway.

I must admit that I knew little to nothing about the game or company but after doing a bit of research they have had a very successful Kickstarter in the past and despite a few problems they're working towards making this one a secure investment for backers.

It helps that the models look damn nice. On top of that you can view a myriad of videos over on the pledge page so if these have peaked your interested go and check them out.

Which is your favourite of the three?

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