Dave Graffam Maps Out Your Fantasy Worlds

March 23, 2012 by dracs

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A new surface map has come out from that primarch of paper Dave Graffam, perfect to lay out your terrain on and really get the feel of your minis fighting through the streets. Take a look at Rake's Corner Map.

Dave Graffam - Rake's Corner Map

This large printable map is a beautiful surface for building the seedy side of a medieval town, Victorian neighborhood or steampunk metropolis. - Dave Graffam

This map can be printed in full sized glory or in a series of A4 on your own home printer. There is also the option to have it printed with a 1 inch scale grid overlay, making it practical for many RPGs.

Graffam - Rake's Corner Map

This is a brilliantly detailed piece of kit which would make the perfect surface for your games and combines well with the rest of Dave Graffam's range of paper terrain.

What's your opinion of this? Think you might print out this map for yourself?

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