From Dragons to Adventurers Reaper Have What You Need

April 11, 2012 by dracs

Along with the recent release of their new Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Paint set Reaper have released a whole pile of new fantasy minis with which to populate your armies and dungeons.

Reaper - Hell Hound

Reaper - Bone Fiend

Reaper - Achilles

Reaper - Dragon

Reaper - Female Huckster

Reaper - Griffon

Reaper - Pathfinder Explorer

Reaper - Styrian Kindler

All in all a mighty collection fit for many adventures.

I am particularly happy to see Reaper are now presenting their minis with fully painted images. A lot of their models are fairly decent sculpts and deserve a decent paint job to really show them off.

Do any of these minis leap out at you as being something you must include in your next game, whatever it may be?

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