More Dragons Flock Together For The DRAKE Fundraiser

December 11, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to support another fundraiser then have you considered The DRAKE Wargame by Action Game Miniatures? They have been going for a little while now and still need a fair bit of support, so check out this fully realised starter set for one of the dragons Garrick...

Garrick Dragon Starter Box

These are some really great looking miniatures, especially Garrick at the back. That is one majestic looking dragon. Pledging at $50 gets you one of the dragons while $100 gets you a whole starter set. That might be a little steep for people this close to Christmas but there are a few other options at lower levels which net you a miniature or two.

Have a look through the IndieGoGo page and see what you think folks, it would be a shame for some of these models to not see the light of day.

Let me know if you think this campaign is worth pledging too below.

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