DUST Studio Explore the New 32mm World of Anastyr

August 31, 2012 by brennon

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DUST Studio's are expanding their range of miniatures with a selection from a new line called Anastyr. This new collection looks at giving you 32mm miniatures for the 'discerning collector'. Check out some of the products already on their web store below...


Skoll, The Protector

First up is Skoll, The Protector. This pair of twins were both given the same name and became the utterly devoted defenders of Undrall. They are some amazing looking miniatures, even from these images and could make amazing character pieces.

Undraal, Queen of the North

Next up is Undrall herself, Queen of the North. Kind at heart but with a rule of iron she commands her tribes with deadly efficiency, continually looking to expand their dominion.

Konrad, Master of Blades

And last but not least we have Konrad, Master of Blades. With his twin swords Sorrow and Frost Wave he leads Undrall's forces into battle, either on horse or on foot. Another fantastic miniature for a character in a role-playing game!

All of these miniatures are cast in resin and limited to 350 pieces world wide!

Will you be heading into the North with Anastyr?

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