More Dwarfs Guard The Hold With Oathsworn

April 16, 2013 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures have been working away in the forges and another two heroes have been finalised for you to mull over on their Kickstarter. Check out Kettra and Brogar below. You can't escape the Dwarfs!

Kettra Roguirsdottir

Brogar Baldursson

Once again I think we have two superb sculpts here. Kettra is the perfect Dwarf Queen ready to defend her hearth and hold with those mighty hammers. I seriously need to pick up a female sculpt to lead my Dwarf army.

Brogar is just as surly as his brother but I like the round headed hammer and the crossbow over his shoulder. A master of two weapons and ready to cause havoc.

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