Both Dwarfs and Ogres are Sighted on Scibor’s Work Bench

February 14, 2014 by dracs

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At the moment the work bench of Scibor Monstrous is looking like a study in little and large as they work on two new Polish Dwarfs and another Ogre Cossack.

Scibor WIPs

Even at this relatively early stage we can see a unique style to these sculpts which should help to add a bit of flavor to your fantasy armies.

Scibor's take on the ogre is particularly interesting to my mind. The design isn't quite as inhuman as other ogre designs tend to be, but there is still a sense that here is something tougher than your average bloke. Put it down to the slabs of muscle they've given him.

How do you think these are looking? Is there anything you think Scibor need to change?

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