New Dystopian & Uncharted Previews from Spartan

November 10, 2011 by brennon

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Yesterday we saw some impressive propaganda posters for Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games and some of you may be thinking about which side to take in a world at war. Maybe this preview of the Covenant of Antarctica Epicurus Class Sky Fortress might swing you to the side of Mr Sturgeon...

Epicurus Class Sky Fortress

Epicurus Class Sky Fortress Underside

When Neo in the Matrix asked for 'lots of guns' this was surely what he was thinking of. Plenty of tesla and assorted energy weapons on that thing to make a Metzger shy away and run back to its depot.

But if Uncharted Seas is more your thing (and why shouldn't it be?) then check out this massive new Orc ves...erm...construct?

Orc Crusher Class War Tower

Orc Crusher Class War Tower Side

With a 360 degree firing platform at its centre, massive Red Ram hull plating and no blind spot for your enemy to exploit, the Orc Crusher Class War Tower is truly a terrifying addition to their navy. Might even get my Iron Dwarves worried!

How do you like these new previews?

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