Epic Dwarfs & Deadly Heroes From Avatars Of War

September 12, 2013 by brennon

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Avatars of War have some more awesome looking models on the way for their world of Warthrone. Thanks to TT Combat for the images below as it seems hard to find them anywhere else!

Dwarf Thunder Warriors (Front)

Dwarf Thunder Warriors (Rear)

First off we have the Dwarf Thunder Warriors that come hot on the heels of the Pathfinders we saw not long ago. These fellows are going to be bringing some epic guns to the field of battle and as before it looks like you have a brilliant set of bearded fellows to add to your army.

It might be more or less on par with Games Workshop but you could easily make a full Dwarf army from these guys as an alternative. I am seriously thinking about it for when I try to take on Kings of War.


Summoner of the Plague

And now we get onto the other models. Here we take a first glance at the Amazons with their Manhunter. I think she looks like a total bad ass and wouldn't look out of place in the armies of the frozen North as well as the jungle South.

To cap things off we have the Summoner of the Plague who would be a great addition to both a Warriors of Chaos and Daemons army. I think he could also fit in well with the likes of Mordheim too, especially with that bell. Something about that just screamed 'Mordheim'.

Of course the Dwarfs are the best here, right?

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