Experience Elisium With Greebo’s Latest Releases

March 14, 2013 by dracs

Greebo have released two long awaited miniature sets on their online store, for both their fantasy football game Tutatis and the fantasy board game Elisium.

We haven't heard much about the fantasy game Elisium for a while now, so it is really good to see these long awaited chibi style fantasy minis become reality.

Elisium Minis

Being 25mm, these minis are not the usual scale for Greebo and have a very different style to their other miniature ranges. They look great though, with sharp details and excellent sculpts. Greebo have certainly succeeded in some great new takes upon very familiar fantasy figures.

Now Elisium isn't the only thing appearing in the Greebo store as the Nippo Goblin Team is finally stepping onto the pitch of Tutatis.

Nippo Team

We have been seeing these guys for for a long time and finally they have turned up in the Greebo store. Or, maybe, since they are ninjas, they were there all along, it's just that no one could see them...

Will you be picking up any of these minis from Greebo?

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