Fallen Dwarves Head South from Miniatures of the North

October 11, 2012 by brennon

Some deadly looking Dwarves are heading south from Miniatures of the North. Both Crossbowmen and Command models are soon going to be available. Check out the miniatures and see what you think of these cutthroat fellows...

Fallen Dwarves with Crossbows

Fallen Dwarves Command

The typical Babylonian style that is a common feature of 'Fallen' Dwarves has worked its way into these from Miniatures of the North too. While it certainly sets them apart from the typical Dwarf it might be nice to see someone actually do something different with the idea. That's not to say that these more TRU-Scale Dwarves are bad looking, but it might be fun to try and work out how else to do 'evil' in these bearded fellows.

While they might not fit into most existing games they could be good alternatives for the Lord of the Rings Dwarves from Games Workshop.

What do you think of these folks?

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