Fat Dragon Furnish Your Fantasy Bar

August 14, 2012 by dracs

We've all been there, after a long day's travel the first place your mighty adventurers head is the tavern. Now Fat Dragon can help you furnish up this vital watering hole to house all such thirsty warriors and wizards.

Fat Dragon - Dungeon Expansion Set 10

As you can see this printable terrain set provides you with a colourful and vibrant variety of pieces to create one truly impressive and seedy den of scum and villainy, perfect for your adventurers to go hunting for local information, find a fence for stolen goods or even just get completely legless on the finest mead.

Fat Dragon - Tavern Furniture

Fat Dragon - Tavern

This print out terrain more than meets the needs of anyone looking to make a quick and easy setting for an encounter and will look way better than simply drawing lines on a piece of plastic sheet.

Have any of you ever used any of Fat Dragon's products? What do you think of this latest Dungeon Expansion set?

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