Fenris Games’ Draugr Lurch to Life

October 18, 2013 by dracs

Anyone who has played Skyrim knows the fear and annoyance engendered by those Nordic undead called the Draugr. The Draugr are ancient monsters of Norse legend and soon these dead vikings will be stumbling out of Fenris Games.

Fenris Draugr

Fenris Draugr 2

Fenris Draugr 3

These shambling constructs will be appearing in Fenris' Hell and High Water participation game at Salute next April.

Now while the first and third of these greens are pretty cool depictions of Nordic Draugr, but the middle one just looks like a normal Viking is too drunk to lift his axe. Still, these guys will be cool to include in your dungeons, or even to use as alternate Wights in your undead forces.

Will you be going a Viking with these left overs from the days of mighty sagas?

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