Fiendish Fabrications Vants to Suck Your Blood

April 11, 2012 by dracs

Fiendish Fabrications have created two minis of characters from one that classic 1920's horror film, Nosferatu!

First we have the sinister Count Orlok Nosferatu.

Fiendish Fabrications - Nosferatu

Here shown in the classic "creeping up the stairs" pose, this Nosferatu is sure to useful in many horror scenarios. Even if he does look a bit buck toothed.

But what evil vampyr is complete without an insane servant. Enter the fly eating Herr Knock.

Fiendish Fabrications - Herr Knock

I think Knock might possibly be the better sculpt of the two and could make a creepy addition to many games.

Who thinks they might have a use for this duo? Are any of you fans of the old film?

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