Greebo Sound the Gong For More Minis

December 12, 2012 by dracs

Greebo have continued to show off the sculpts of their Nippo Goblin team, the latest of which is their coach! Probably not someone who looks too kindly on those who show up late for practice.

Nippo Dragon Coach

Yeah, a dragon for a coach. And you thought your P.E teacher was tough!

The dragon here isn't the only figure to appear from Greebo. A series of Nippo markers have also appeared.

Nippo Marker 1

Nippo Marker 2

Nippo Marker 3

Maybe they're the coach's kiddies?

The good news is that Greebo are currently running a Christmas sale, with discounts on their fantasy football and Tutatis products. Just head over to the Greebo Facebook to find the code needed and get buying some of Greebo's great sculpts.

Will any of you step out onto the Greebo football field?

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