Impact! Tease their New Kickstarter Dungeon Explorers

September 10, 2012 by brennon

Impact! Miniatures have a new Kickstarter on the horizon called Dungeon Explorers and they have teased us with this concept art that looks a tad familiar to something else from my childhood...





Look familiar to you? How about if I mentioned the words Dungeon and Dragon in the same sentence? Still not ringing a bell? Check out this then and all will become clear...

Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon

The betting is that this is a dungeon crawler of some kind based on the old artwork of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon but mixed with the chibi style that we have seen from such games as Super Dungeon Explore. Is there a danger though that Impact! Miniatures are making something that is far too similar to what we've seen before?

We'll know more when the Kickstarter begins soon. Until then let your speculations go wild.

What do you think of this interesting news?

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