Iron Dwarves Citadel & Shroud Mage Cruiser for Uncharted Seas

November 29, 2011 by brennon

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Some Uncharted Seas previews today from Spartan Games, continuing their theme of 'bigger is better'. First lets check out the Iron Dwarf Guardian Class Floating Citadel...

Guardian Class Floating Citadel

Guardian Class Citadel Detail

Guardian Class Citadel Comparison

As the name would suggest this is a floating citadel used by the Iron Dwarves to create bastions of rock solid defence in the remote corners of the empire. With 360 degrees of fire this could hold its own in the centre of your fleet.

If magic and elemental might is more your thing however, you might be interested in the Shroud Mages and this beauty, the Darkness Class Cruiser.

Darkness Class Cruiser Front

Darkness Class Cruiser Detail

Darkness Class Cruiser Aft

With heavy cannons to the fore and broadsides which pack a bit of a punch even if this isn't as big as the Citadel, it could still do some damage. Added to that the Shroud Mages ability to boost the movement of their ships, and powerful Red Ram Ratings, they are a formidable side.

Both these previews are for models set to release at the beginning of 2012.

Loving the stuff coming out of Spartan for Uncharted Seas, but what about you?

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