Kromlech’s Orcs Have Put on a Few Pounds

October 8, 2012 by dracs

Kromlech have just released a new selection of Orc torsos which go to show just what can happen to an Orc if he doesn't get to do any fighting for a while.

Kromlech - Orc Fatties Torsos

Look at the size of those beer bellies. These guys definitely haven't had any exercise for a while. On the plus side, being that fat might be like having a bit of extra armour in a fight.

Definitely sculpts which will bring a lot of character to you conversions, either as a unit of fatties or to show the increased wealth of some of your more high ranking orcs.

Does this mean we might be seeing fitness Orcs from Kromlech? Ones in jogging outfits, trying to slim down?

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