On the Lamb Preview Endless Fantasy Tactics

September 25, 2012 by brennon

On the Lamb, who are famous for Brushfire and Historia Rodentia have a new game that will be heading to Kickstarter in ten days. Check out the concept art for Endless Fantasy Tactics below...

Archer - The Roaming Hunter

"The rolling hills and open plains of Halleford create a vital need for scouts and long-range messengers. In times of peace, the Archer fills these roles, but with the miasma hordes at the walls of Plainskeep Castle, she rains death upon her enemies. Her eyesight and skill with a bow has led many of her companions to wonder if she has elven blood, but none would say such things aloud."

Dragoon - The Graceful Lancer

"While the dragons battle amongst themselves in a secret, global war, the Dragoon is trained by the ancient order, known as Wyvern. She prepares for the day when the draconic civil war is over, and the remaining, cunning monsters turn their eyes upon the lesser races. Until that day comes, the Dragoons test themselves in battle against all manner of foes, ready for the day they will be called upon to save the world."

Knight - The Armour Clad Warrior

"With armor forged in the forges of Mt. Kileen, the Knights of Zeutenheim are famous the world over. Too heavy and hulking to ride a steed, the Knight wades through enemies, barely feeling their blows. Knights of Halleford once fought alongside the Knights of Zeutenheim, but fell during the early days of the Miasma War, turning into crystalline monsters. The Zeutenheim Knights now stand alone at the frontline, defending the world from the magical plague."

Endless, Fantasy Tactics seems to have an element of Final Fantasy about it. The art style is very reminiscent of the old games. It will certainly be fun to see where this goes and what the actual models look like. The Crystals have fractured and a new adventure is on the cards!

What do you think of his concept art for Endless?

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