Land An Epic Punch With Dark Hammer’s Monk

October 3, 2013 by brennon

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If you were looking forwards to the Monk with Thousand Hands from Dark Hammer Miniatures then wait no longer. The model is up and it's there in limited quantities too. Dive in if this one is for you!

Monk with Thousand Hands (Front)

Monk with Thousand Hands (Scale)

Monk with Thousand Hands (Rear)

Now this is looking like a bloody awesome model. I like how this has turned out and it has the epic look of a demon to it which would be perfect for use in any of your Oriental tabletop games. I could see this fellow being at home in both Bushido and Kensei as some kind of malevolent spirit!

The model stands at 35mm and is cast in resin so it should be very nice to work with. I couldn't imagine sticking a metal version of this together!

Dark Gray

As well as the Monk finally being released this image was spied on the shop page of the website. It doesn't link to anything (an error if you follow on) but could it be another future model from the team? I couldn't find out much about it but if you know then drop a comment below!

This company is bringing some very nice models to the table and it will be fun to see what happens next.

Will you be getting this Monk?

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