Latest BaneLegions Breasties… er I mean Beasties

June 15, 2012 by dracs

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Warning: This article contains images of an adult nature and should not be viewed at work. It's already hard enough to explain to your co-workers why you play with plastic soldiers.

The July additions to the stunning BaneLegions range  have made their appearance, sporting some rather impressive attributes: the first with an unpronounceable name and the other with... well you'll see.

First we have  Galhwch LLadd Llaw, the first of the man/dragon Dyndraigs.

BaneLegions - Galhwch

It's ironic that the reason why the images of these releases were late is because this guy's tongue was lost, which is remarkably similar to what happens to my tongue when I try and say his name.

Second is the adult content I warned you about which I'm sure you're all interested in. Kernsa, Sword-Melusine Mother.

BaneLegions - Kernsa

Do I even need to bother asking if you want this?

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