Magic Circles and Ancestral Ruins Appear at Tabletop Art

June 24, 2013 by dracs

Tabletop Art are expanding their range of Ancestral Ruins bases this June, as well as introducing a whole new selection of magic circles to give your minis a little extra sorcery.

First up are the two new Ancestral Ruins bases.

Ancestral Ruins Big Oval 1

Ancestral Ruins Big Oval 2

These large oval bases are now available and are, to my mind, the perfect base for the Retribution of Scyrah in Warmachine. These bases would make the perfect ancient arcane terrain piece to place your Colossal on, or even to make a sweet diorama.

Then we come to the new Mystic Circle Stone bases.

Mystic Circle Stone 120mm

Mystic Circle Stones 30mm

Mystic Circle Stones 40mm

Mystic Circle Stones 50mm 1

Mystic Circle Stones 50mm 2

Mystic Circle Stones 50mm 3

These bases have a very jagged look to the mystical symbols they make up, meaning that they might well suit a more evil magic user, like Chaos or Dark Elves. These bases would be excellent to make your mage stand out from the army, as well as providing them with a magic circle to draw a little extra energy from.

Would you use any of Tabletop Art's latest additions?

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