Don’t Mess with the Axibalán Empire Women of ShadowSea

November 11, 2013 by dracs

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AntiMatter Games have published previews of two of the ladies which will be appearing in the starter set for the Axibalán Empire, recently funded on Kickstarter.

The first one is the Temple Guard and she is not really much to write home about, with a very stiff and unexciting pose taking all life from the miniature.

Amatzle Temple Guardian

However, it is the second sculpt which I am really excited about. The beautiful Amoxtli, Protector of Relics.


This sculpt is the complete opposite of the other one, with some superb motion and grace as she is depicted in the middle of vaulting an obstacle while drawing an arrow. I am sure that, with some slight conversion work, Amoxtli will be a welcome addition to games outside of ShadowSea as well, possible as an elf ranger.

Be sure to leave us a comment saying what you think of these new minis.

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