Mighty BaneLegion Previews from Maelstrom Games

November 8, 2011 by brennon

Some quite amazing looking models coming our way from Maelstrom and BaneLegion with this rather angry looking guy below. Or should I bow in respect and give him his correct title of BaneLord Ckaarakk, Tain of the Tarvak...

Ckaarakk Tain of the Tarvax

Not a bad beastie there and pretty tall too. I like the action in his pose, and the detail is great. It's even pulled from the imagination of Stefan Kopinski, brother of Karl Kopinski of Games Workshop fame.

Maru BaneBeast

If the mighty looking minotaur isn't up your street, then how about this pretty huge Swordtooth named Maru? Is it just me that thinks this might find its way into an Ogre Kingdoms army at some point?

Both of these are going to be available from December 3rd so get your wallets ready.

Have these beasties bitten you?

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