More Monsters March Out From Mirliton

May 17, 2012 by dracs

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Mirliton have put up images of some more of their classic style fantasy sculpts coming out this May, check these out.

Mirliton - Troll Female

Mirliton - Wood Elf Druid

Mirliton - Centaur General

Mirliton - War Troll with Chopper

Mirliton - Nihon Half Giant Orc

These particular minis could find possible use as both monsters and adventurers, except for perhaps the centaur. Are there any RPG's which allow you to play as a centaur?

However, pride of place must go to the Beholder.

Mirliton - Beholder

This tentacled monstrosity could easily find a home in both fantasy and Cthulhu-esque games.

What games might you use these in? Is there an RPG where you can play as a centaur? More over, is there an RPG where you can play as a Cthulhu monster (other than Cthulhu Saves the World)?

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