Myth Meets the Mystical Half Way Mark

April 9, 2013 by dracs

Myth is half way through its run on kickstarter. At the moment it is about $100,000 over its original goal, which means we can expect to see even more awesome stretch goals appearing!

Already a whole bunch have been unlocked.

Myth Stretch Goal Expansion 1

Myth Exclusive Mini Boss

Yet there are even more to get excited about and get you supporting what promises to be an awesome game.

Myth Alternate Gender Heroes

Myth Trickster Hero

I am particularly excited by these two, should Myth ever reach the heady heights of $225 and $250k.

Myth Expansion Set 2

Myth Skeleton boss

With the phenomenal support the kickstarter has already seen I live in hope that these too will be made into a a reality. The future certainly looks bright for Myth and I look forward to it becoming a regular sight among gamers.

Are any of you going to support Myth? Have you already made your pledge?

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