Necromancer and Dwarf Greens from Scibor

February 10, 2012 by brennon

Yes you heard it right, there are more dwarves on the way from Scibor Miniatures. And as well as the ground loving stone munchers, there is a Necromancer making his way to you soon.

Scibor Dwarf Green

Scibor Necromancer Green

Loving the dwarf as he doesn't have the massive beard that most do. Could it be a younger beardling adventurer for your role-playing warband? The Celtic design on the axe head too is great attention to detail. As for the Necromancer, we have another fantastic miniature. Love the addition of the zombies rising around him like simple pets. Perfect centrepiece Necromancer for your new Vampire Counts force?

Which of the two would you go for?

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