Norsgard Looks To Bring You Starter Boxes In September

April 8, 2013 by brennon

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Norsgard are planning some starter sets for their self titled game during September this year and to let you have a glimpse at their contents they published this 3D render of the Vei-Banshee...


While she has some questionable footwear at least this is a fantasy world, maybe magic makes it so she doesn't break her ankle in those heels! As for what's in the new Starter Sets...

Mork Tribe
1 x Gharven
1 x Hlle Huntress
2 x Vei-Banshee
3 x Mork Tribal Warrior

Order of the Ram:
1 x Varkof
1 x Ysil Guard (New sculpt)
2 x Templar Warriors - New sculpts based on new art (spear and sword)

So if you've been a fan of this game and are looking to get a head start you can grab these boxes after the summer. Of course you can still buy models in the mean time and pretty much all of the Norsgard range is good looking.

What do you make of the new Vei-Banshee?

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