More Nuem Emerge as Relics Pre-Orders Hit the Store

June 29, 2012 by brennon

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The newest wave of Starter Sets can now be Pre-Ordered from the Relics section of the Tor Gaming website! As well as that there are a selection of faction specific dice too so you can really show support for your little ones...

Nuem Faction Dice

Vaettir Faction Dice & Pouch

The dice packs come with simply just the dice or with an added pouch making transporting them around that little bit cooler. Crowning all of this off however is another great paint job from the folks at Worthy Painting. Check out the painted Specialis Pueri...

Specialis Pueri - Relics Nuem (Front)

Specialis Pueri - Relics Nuem (Detail)

Specialis Pueri - Relics Nuem (Rear)

Another pretty awesome paint job that really portrays the evil nature of the Nuem and what they are capable of! I imagine a fair few of you have been thinking about doing Nuem as your faction of choice in Relics?

What Starter Set and Dice are you going to get hold of?

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