Perform Sorcery in the Fat Dragon Games Wizard’s Tower

June 13, 2013 by dracs

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A great wizard needs three things, namely a staff, a pointy hat and a tower. But instead of resorting to magic or building contractors now they can just print one out from Fat Dragon Games.

Fat Dragon Games - Wizard's Tower

The printable terrain from Fat Dragon Games usually has some good attention to detail and they have certainly gone to town in designing a believable Wizard's Tower, both inside and out.

Fat Dragon Games - Wizard's Tower Accessories

Fat Dragon Games - Wizard's Tower Balcony

Fat Dragon Games - Wizard's Tower Contents

Fat Dragon Games - Wizard's Tower Inside

This set comes complete with some awesome and characterful accessories, particularly that sort of dimension portal thing. Stuff like that, as well as being very characterful and in keeping with the setting, can provide some cool options and ideas for gaming scenarios.

This set should make one of Fat Dragon Games' most imposing terrain buildings if used as part of a battlefield, but the design of the interior means it is equally useful for more small scale RPG's and dungeon crawler games.

Dare you brave the Wizard's Tower?

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