The Plucky Halflings Rise Up with Warploque Miniatures

April 27, 2012 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures have made  inroads into the world of Hobbleshire before with a selection of different Halfling models. Now there are a few new heroes and warriors on their way to add reinforcement to the Hobbleshire Militia.

Ernst Strawbridge Captain of the Town Guard

Giles Knotwise Militia Sergeant

Halfling Militia Archers

Halfling Spear Militia

Halfling Town Guard

Miss Buttercup Halfling Cook

Those are a few of the new models on offer through the Ulule kick starter system which can get you early access to these sculpts as well as funding the process. Check out some of their existing and painted models below too!

Sheamus 'Pig Eye' Plebb

Painted Halfling Militia

Halfling Spear Regiment

Galan Quarterbane Monster Hunter

Some quite characterful and fun Halfling models, which certainly goes with the view of these food loving peaceful fellows. I like the grumpy feeling that runs through all these models, as if they have been interrupted in the middle of second breakfast by some interloper.

What do you think of these Halflings?

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