Get Reading This New Year With Fantasy Flight’s Fiction

December 31, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight have published two new novels that tie in with two of their popular games, Fireborn and Android.

Fireborn Ritual of Fire

"When a popular politician survives what should have been a fatal assassination attempt, MI5 agent Scott Baker begins to suspect a terrifying truth. Something is taking control of London’s most influential leaders, and that shocking discovery has thrust Baker into a fight for his life. Now, branded a fugitive and hunted by his one-time colleagues, this ex-intelligence agent must seek help from unlikely allies as he attempts to learn how deep the conspiracy goes. What mystical force is behind this apparent takeover? How does it relate to Baker’s increasingly disturbing visions? The answers could determine the fate of the world!" - Fantasy Flight Games

Set in modern London where magic is starting to emerge into the world once more, Ritual of Fire looks to be an interesting look into the intriguing setting of Fireborn.

Then we have Mimic for Android.

Android Mimic

"In the future, the world has changed, but crime has not. Mimic is set in the gritty, cyber-noir world of Android. The story of New Angeles Detective Drake 3GI2RC continues as he navigates the tangled web of lies and corruption that lie in wait around every corner.
Set in the Android universe and following the events of GolemMimic continues the story of New Angeles Detective Drake 3GI2RC after he has been reassigned to the moon with a new partner."- Fantasy Flight Games

Both of these novels are available in digital format as well, meaning you will be able to grab them for you kindle or other such e-reader. While I personally prefer to read books in paper, kindles are just too useful.

Will any of you be adding these to your reading list?

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