New Game Realm: Fantasy Warfare Looks for Funding

March 21, 2012 by brennon

With the advent of Kickstarters and other ways of funding game development you can sometimes get very far with a simple idea. Check out this latest one to spring up from Serious Lemon named Realm: Fantasy Warfare...

Realm Artwork

The game has a website which details rules, background and all sorts for the game. Also as you see above there is a video detailing each of the races as a teaser for the game.





"The Realm is a world of conflict and war. With only one world and all its limited resources and twelve races to squabble over them, vicious wars between the inhabitants are inevitable. Throughout the centuries, the members of the different races have taken this necessity to fight for food, space and other requirements for survival to the level of an artform with disagreements at all levels from theological and philosophical differences to something as minor as what the world is actually called."

According to the people behind the game the models are probably going to be metal and in 15mm or 18mm scale. But, they are really up for the community helping them with this.

You can support the game here.

If you want to take a closer look at the website and unlock all the content, then use the key indiegogo.

Have a look through the rules, background and history and let us know if this is a game you would support.

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