Rebel Minis Unleash Their Inner Wolf

January 26, 2014 by dracs

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Rebel Minis have released a new set of 15mm scale werewolves to go terrorizing anyone who would dare venture into the wild places of the world.

Wolven Pack

Each of this Wolven Pack stands at 22mm in height. Rebel themselves suggest that they would be suitable for games based around films like Underworld or Dog Soldiers.

If you haven't seen Dog Soldiers, watch it! The idea of a game based around that tense, claustrophobic and thoroughly bloody werewolf movie sounds like a good idea to me, and these heavily muscled beasties would be a good way to portray the family of Scottish lycanthropes stumbled upon by SAS soldiers.

What do you guys think of Rebel Minis' Wolven Pack?

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