Red Box Return to Kickstarter for More Fantasy Funding

May 20, 2013 by dracs

Red Box Games, the makers of excellent fantasy miniatures and characters, are returning to Kickstarter in order to get funding to expand its current ranges of fantasy minis. What could it have in store for us?

Apparently, goblins.

Red Box Goblin Foot Soldiers

These Goblin Footsoldiers are among the first minis which Red Box Games are working on as part of this Kickstarter. Red Box's goblins have always had a unique appearance which I like a lot, so more of these is a definite plus.

Don't worry if you aren't a gobbo fan as Red Box are working on other minis as well, such as these Dwarfen Footmen WIP's and the concept for the cool looking Orc Footmen.

Red Box Dwarven Footmen

Red Box - Orc Footmen

These early pieces are looking very promising and Red Box have promised that as they get more funding even more miniatures and pieces should start appearing, such as modular elves and norsemen, goblin wolf riders and a plethora of fantasy heroes and villains.

Are you going to help Red Box Games with their Kickstarter?

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