The Relics Reinforcements Come In Thick & Fast

January 30, 2013 by brennon

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It looks like Tor Gaming's Relics Reinforcement Kickstarter is going incredibly well and they have easily achieved their target goal. With that comes a few stretch goals achieved and a sneak peek at future models...

Britanan Puppeteer

Ealdmoder Concept

The team have managed to unlock the Britanan Puppeteer and have now set their sights on the Orcnar Ealdmoder you can see above. I'm starting to have a few flash backs of the swinging fat on the Goblin King from The Hobbit! £6250 is not far off so I bet they hit their target sooner rather than later.

Nappa WIP

Vaettir Damage Counter

As well as concept art there are models too. Above you can see a very early stage of production on the Nappa and a special brand of Damage Counters which will be faction specific it seems. I quite like these additions to the base line and it serves to provide a cool accessory alongside your force.

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