The Russian Alternative Gift Us Mighty New Heroes

March 20, 2013 by brennon

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If you're looking for a hero that can lead a horde of fantasy warriors into battle then how about these from Russian Alternative? Check out their Elfin Lord, Dwarf Hero and Warlock of Wasteland below...

Dwarf Hero

The Elfin Lord

Warlock Of Wasteland

Now those are some good looking miniature heroes. I think you can already guess which of them is my favourite, and he would be fantastic leading a big unit of Ironbreakers into battle.

Despite my Dwarven nature I do also like that Elfin Hero. He has the sharp edges of typical Elves and a cruel look to him as well. If you are looking to lead a Chaos horde then the Warlock is also a mighty leader, and I like the alternative weapons he can wield.

Which hero is your favourite?

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