Sally 4th Prepare More Siege Equipment

July 10, 2013 by brennon

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Sally 4th are continuing their look into the art of siege warfare with some new Mantles & Rams for the tabletop. I love a bit of historical siege warfare, and I always did it in Medieval 2: Total War!

Mantles & Rams

As you can see they have some brilliant Mantles that are perfect for hiding your Crossbowmen and Longbowmen behind as the rest of the force advances. Adding to that they have the covered Ram too which would be a bit like being in hell for those within it, but safer than having to lug it forwards with no cover!

It looks like all this kit is 28mm scale too so it's perfect for using in your large scale battles. I would love to see a proper medieval or fantasy siege using plenty of towers, rams and other paraphernalia.

Do you like these pieces?

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