Scibor Declare That This Is Spartaaaa!

May 16, 2012 by dracs

Scibor have expanded there range of bases sporting the theme of Spartan ruins. Now you can mount your minis up and proudly defend the Hot Gates from all attackers.

Scibor - 40mm Spartan Bases

Scibor - 40mm Spartan Bases Set 1

Scibor - 30mm Spartan Bases

Scibor - 30mm Spartan Bases 2

These bases do give a nice feeling of your guys fighting over the remains of a ruined civilization and would be the perfect way to make characters or even whole units stand out.

However, the appearance of the bases to me seems somewhat repetitive. You would think there would be other Spartan ruins than just the littered heads of statues.

Do any of you use Scibor's range of bases? Do you think that these bases could suit your own armies?

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