Scibor Produce a Dwarf Lord of Leonine Proportions

May 27, 2013 by dracs

Scibor have released images of the latest WIP sculpts for their next 54mm fantasy sculpt who will truly be a giant among dwarfs.

54mm Dwarf Lord

This sculpt is undeniably dwarfish and I think that the expression and general appearance of the face really conveys his status as a noble.

However, I find that the sheer size of the chest plate makes the rest of the model seem somewhat ill proportioned. He looks like humpty dumpty with two spindly legs sticking out beneath him and a torso rounded out to strange proportions.

Still the miniature does possess the level of character we have seen in the other dwarfs of Scibor's 54mm range in the past.

Might you use this dwarf lord for some painting, or would you have other things in mind for the 54mm sculpts?

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