Scibor’s Dwarf Sniper Has You in His Sights

June 4, 2013 by dracs

Dwarfs have long been known for their skill with black powder, but now Scibor are bringing them some precision fire power with their latest 54mm sculpt.

Dwarf Sniper

Scibor's 54mm dwarfs are generally pretty cool sculpts and this sniper will make a nice addition to the range. There is something very "devil may care about the stance" and of course, as we all know, a great coat instantly makes anything awesome.

One of the things I particularly like about Scibor's dwarfs is that they do seem to bear in mind that dwarfs are an entirely different race, rather than a short, bearded human. This is shown in the proportions they use, although I still think that the legs look rather disproportionate in comparison with the rest of the dwarf's body. It's like they sculpted the top half and then remembered dwarfs are supposed to be short, so they just made the legs tiny to compensate.

Fancy taking a pot shot at this guy?

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